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A dispenser contains 50 capsules of Authetic Stevia extract. Dispenser is reusable and capsules are biodegradable.

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Best Before Date: 12/2025

Our refined stevia extract is in the form of a fine granulated white powder. It is the purest and most tasty/gustatory form of Stevia (98% pure rebaudioside A). The dispenser contains 50 Zero Calories capsules (sweetening power equivalent to 0,7 lb of standard regular sugar). A capsule weights only 20 mg (0,02 g) and is an equivalent of 1 sugar cube of 4000 mg (4 g) or teaspoon.


You can use pure stevia extract in your daily cold preparations (dairy, fruit salad, ..) and/or hot (tea, coffee, classic chocolate…) as in cooking. The use of pure stevia extract is usually done at the tip of the knife. We have developped a portionned 100% pure extract (the only one on the market) to ease its use in your daily preparations and cooking. We recommend to use it, by just substituting 1 cube or tsp of sugar with the contents of 1 RP capsule. You can also make you own recipe (more or less sweeter) by simply taking into consideration that the content of 1 RP capsule (stevia extract) is the equivalent of 1 cube or 1 tsp of sugar. Open the capsule and carefully take out the RP stevia extract.
Designed for a hygienic use of ReelPur capsules, the dispenser is re-usable and free from BPA


Authentic and pure at more than 98% – without any added ingredient.
From natural source, our stevia extract (also known as rebaudioside A or Reba) is extracted from stevia rebaudiana Bertoni plants, grown in organic farming in South America, in their original cradle. The product is pure at more than 98% (approx. highest purification) and the remaining about 2% are other stevia leaf compounds. Our products are pure, and the only portioned 100% authetic on the market; we do not add any other ingredient, sweetener/flavor that are natural or chemical.
We wanted to offer you an authentic, real, and pure stevia extract, just as the leaves of stevia that the Indians Guarani of South America have been adding to their infusions of plants now for centuries, to sweeten and soften them.


The product is ideal for diabetics, people on diet or wanting to reduce their daily sugar consumption.

Note: Refined stevia is not consumed alone; it must be incorporated into food or beverage.


0 calorie, Glycemic index (GI) nul
Quantity Per capsule/20 mg (0,02g)
Calories 0 calories
Total Fat 0 g
Saturated fat 0 mg
Cholesterol 0 mg
Total carbohydrates 0 g
Sugars 0 g
Protein 0 g



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